Hey! Thanks for coming! We’re so excited that you’ll be playing for us. You may have a few questions. I’ve got a few answers. Let’s see if they match up.

So what exactly is Folk All Y’all? 

Borne of a house show series hosted by a former booking agent, Folk All Y’all is a concert series focused on world-class singer-songwriters representing a full range of Americana/roots sounds and perspectives. We’re also focused on helping touring musicians make a living, so 100% of the door goes to our artists. Always. (We support the series through Patreon subscriptions and our own merchandise, so your offer to play includes permission to let us exclusively stream the show to our subscribers.)

Look how happy they are!

Where will I be playing?

Well, that depends. Our format is as a “pop-up listening room,” so although we have a few frequent locations, we do move around. We’ll let you know before you get here, though.

So how do I promote this?

We’ll announce the location and have a ticket link available at least 30 days before your show. We’ll also create a “preview” post for your show and provide you with a link you can post on your tour page, social media, etc. that gives potential guests all the info they need to find us.

When do I go on? 

Almost all our shows have 5:30 load-in, 6pm sound check, 7pm doors, and 7:30 start time (all times Central).

What do I need to bring?

We’ll provide an 8-channel p.a. system. If you have a mic you like, great, but if not, you’re welcome to ours.

Where do I stay?

That’s up to you, but you’ll always have an open invitation at Folk All Y’all headquarters, where you’ll have your own bedroom, bathroom, and thermostat. If you’d rather, I can also point you in the direction of the numerous AirBnB spots in the area (we have discount agreements with several) or, if you’re into that kind of thing, an actual hotel.

What do I eat?

Our artist meal is usually a hearty sandwich and salad, but we are happy to accommodate any special needs or requests. Don’t be shy about letting us know what you like; we want to make your stay as comfortable as possible. If you stay overnight, we’re happy to provide breakfast as well.

What/How/When do I get paid?

The ticket price is set for each show depending on your exposure in the market and expected draw, but will never be lower than $20. Like I said, 100% of sales go right to you. Any cash payments will be handed over immediately following the show and credit card payments will be zapped over via PayPal shortly thereafter.

Can I sell stuff?

Of course! We’ll have a merch area available and will be happy to help staff it if needed.

Do I, um, have to hang out?

The amount of time you choose to mingle with me or the guests is totally up to you.

Would you please accept a copy of my latest CD in thanks for hosting?

Yes, of course, that’s so nice of you.

Winston says welcome.

Is that a horse? 

No, no, that’s just Winston, the official house dog of Folk All Y’all. He’s got a little sister now, too. If you’re staying at the house and have allergies or other concerns, they can go hang out with friends for the night.

Can I ask you something else?

Whatever you’d like. Email info@folkallyall.com if you have any other questions.