Y’all, look out. As the Memphis studio resurgence rolls on, we need to be prepared for the cavalcade of incredible talent coming this way. As a non-native myself, I know that it’s often easier for outsiders to understand what’s so special about this city, but maybe we’ll be able to see it better in the hearts and voices of the artists seeking it out. That’s the only explanation I can figure for how the powerfully complex wonder that is Liz Brasher (rhymes with Frayser) found her way here. First finding her voice in a Spanish-speaking Southern Baptist congregation, she followed those gospel roots to their branches in Chicago blues and then the heights of Memphis soul. Along the way, she shaped her own sound that gathers and grows from influences ranging from The Beatles to the Staples Singers, imbuing tales from the ravaged shores of heartbreak with a voice that could stop the tide. But you don’t have to take my word for it …

“Prepare to be blown away if you are just now hearing Liz Brasher for the first time. The Memphis-based North Carolina native with roots in the Dominican Republic is one of the most powerful emerging voices of any genre.” – The Revue 


The show will be Friday, February 16th with doors opening at 7pm and music starting at 7:30. All tickets are $20, general admission, with 100% of sales going to the artist, as always. This show is part of our Pop-Up Listening Room series, so we’ll be in an intimate but public location and allow guests to BYOB (responsibly). The location and ticket link will be announced at least 30 days before the event, but to make sure you get all the details, subscribe to our mailing list below and/or email rsvp@folkallyall.com.

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