They say you can tell a lot about people by the company they keep, and when I got a show request from Tina and Her Pony, the first thing I noticed about the duo was that a lot of other awesome artist friends of mine were already fans of theirs, which speaks highly not only of their talent but also of their general human decency. That key element established, I checked out their work and discovered a really powerful blend of high-level musicianship and rustic folk traditions. Both classically trained musicians, Tina Collins and Quetzal Jordan play a roomful of instruments, with their signature sound combining guitar, tenor ukulele, and cello. Tina grew up on the periphery of the Appalachians and Quetzal was raised in Florida by her Guatemalan mother, so even within the world of folk, their music can’t be defined within a single culture or concept. What is undeniable, however, is the soul-stirring power in their union.

Oh, and here’s what fancy magazine people say …

“Tina & Her Pony deliver a gentle folk music that inexorably swells into a powerful wave, the songs themselves carry a wisdom that invigorates the listener. Tina & Her Pony truly commit to a kind of chamber folk that feels as timeless as it does timely.”
– Rachel Cholst, No Depression


The show will be Saturday, May 19th with doors opening at 7pm and music starting at 7:30. All tickets are $20, general admission, with 100% of sales going to the artist, as always. This show is part of our Listening Room series, so we’ll be in an intimate but public location and allow guests to BYOB (responsibly). The location and ticket link will be announced at least 30 days before the event, but to make sure you get all the details, subscribe to our mailing list below and/or email And in the meantime, you can stream their brand-new album here.

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