Oh, hey there! Thanks so much for your interest in Folk All Y’all. As a former booking agent, I know how hard it is to coordinate touring and build a living on the road, so bravo to you. I know you’re busy and need answers fast, so here are a few of them.

COVID-19 Q: Are you even doing shows right now?

A: We’re just getting back to it. 2022’s schedule is nearly filled, partially with make-up shows from past cancellations. 

Q: I’m coming through Memphis on [insert date here]. Do you have an opening?

A: We generally only book one show a month, so if you check the Events page and there’s already something listed for that month, then no, we definitely don’t. But also, I’m typically booked up 6-12 months in advance and in the process of confirming future dates with multiple musicians that I’m already trying to bring in, so unless you’re looking a year out, I probably can’t help.

Q: I represent an awesome artist/band. Can you take a listen and let me know what you think?

A: I usually check out every artist who reaches out, but with such a limited number of slots, it’s really, really, really, really rare that I book someone who isn’t already on my radar. I’ll listen, but if I don’t have your date available or don’t feel it’s a fit, I might not have a chance to get back to you. (Although I always try to, because I know it sucks to wait.)

Q: I couldn’t find an email address or phone number on the site. How can I reach you?

A: I’m really not soliciting requests so I don’t make contact information public. I work with a number of agencies and am a member of The Listening Room Network, so those folks know where to find me, but most shows are booked based on me reaching out to an artist, not the other way around. That said, there are exceptions, so if you’ve really got it, I bet you can figure something out. But for the love of Pete, please don’t try to infiltrate my personal account on Facebook or Instagram to send a booking query.