As Folk All Y’all has grown in scope and ambition, we’ve determined that being able to provide guests and artists with a more publicly accessible – but still welcoming and intimate – environment would help the series sustain a wider range of musicians and music-lovers. We’re doing this with two big new additions to our repertoire.


For starters, we’re live on Patreon! That means that no matter where you are or how many concerts you attend, you can access exclusive show extras plus get fresh Folk All Y’all swag. As y’all likely know, 100% of door money goes directly to our artists, so Patreon also provides a way to support the work we’re doing behind the scenes. So sign up to be a patron!


Speaking of behind the scenes, we’ve been busy getting ready to launch Folk All Y’all Listening Rooms, a series of limited-capacity public concerts taking place in both traditional and unexpected venues across Memphis. (We’ve already got some plans lined up and CAN’T WAIT to share them, but we’ll save that for now …)┬áBased on feedback from our most loyal guests, we’re making sure to maintain the elements of house shows that mean the most while introducing and supporting even more fantastic artists working in Memphis.


We hope you’ll all be as excited by these changes as we are. Will we still have house concerts? Undoubtedly yes. They’re the core of what we are. But the limitations of that show type keep us from doing as much as we’d like to share this one-of-a-kind concert experience as widely as we can. Because you know, it’s not Folk Some of Y’all.


It’s time to Folk All Y’all.