"Give me just a little more
So I can break your heart
Push it down, down so deep
Before it even starts
Answer all my prophecies
Before I've had the time
Oh I'll break your little heart
Break your little heart before you can break mine"
-- Ellisa Sun, "Just A Little More"

Our Valentine’s show was unintentionally but perfectly planned as we welcomed the real-life lovebirds of Ellisa Sun and her musical and life partner Ken Michienzi to Studio688. Ellisa and Ken had just celebrated six months of RV living when they rolled up for the show and seemed to only feel more connected after spending half a year in close quarters.

Ellisa’s voice lends itself perfectly to the peaks and valleys of romance, and her songwriting takes listeners on the journey from the early giddy days of love to the hazy uncertainties to the blissful settling in to … well, what sometimes comes after that.

The audience shared the love (and the harmonies!) with Ellisa and Ken on her song “Just A Little More,” the title track of her brand-new EP. It was a sultry sweetness of an evening and just the right vibe to folk all night.

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