We’re thrilled to announce that David Wilcox will be coming back to Folk All Y’All this fall. This is our third show with David, and we are so honored that he has found a welcoming space with us here in Memphis. One more visit and we’ll monogram his initials on the guest towels. wilcox234retouched

If you missed his April show with us, or just want to relive its last magical moment, take a minute to see and hear the beauty, humor, and heart that David brings to every performance. And then make plans to join us in November. I can’t really explain to you how special these evenings are (although I’ve tried. Twice.), so I hope as many of you as possible will be able to find out for yourselves.

And as a special added bonus, Justin Farren will be opening for David. Justin is an award-winning songwriter who shares David’s gift for warm, wry observation and lively, intricate guitar-playing, but in a style all his own.

Justin Farren Beard Shoot 1