Hey! Thanks for coming! We’re so excited that you’ll be playing for us. You may have a few questions. I’ve got a few answers. Let’s see if they match up.

So what exactly is Folk All Y’all? 

Borne of a house show series hosted by a former booking agent, Folk All Y’all is now a public concert series focused on world-class singer-songwriters representing a full range of Americana/roots sounds and perspectives. We’re also focused on helping touring musicians make a living, so 100% of the door goes to our artists. Always.

Folk All Y’all is a volunteer-run nonprofit (yes, volunteer, singular; “we” is me, Andria). We operate the series thanks to Patreon subscriptions, the very kind sponsorship and onsite support of Crosstown Arts, and our own merchandise, so your offer to play includes permission to let us exclusively stream the show to our subscribers and use photos/video for promo. We’ll of course give you all those assets, too.

So how do I promote this?

We’ll have a ticket link available at least 30 days before your show and we’ll create a post in our Events listing. You can link to that post on your tour page, social media, etc. – it gives potential guests all the info they need to find us. We post the shows on all major local online calendars and are happy to pass along a media list.

Where will I be playing?

We have held the series in a number of venues, but as of October 2019, nearly all events are presented at The Green Room at Crosstown Arts, a dedicated listening room space operated by a nonprofit entity graciously allowing us to continue our ticketing and payment model.

Where do I stay?

Crosstown Arts typically provides a two-bedroom apartment or one-bedroom hotel unit for the night of the performance, located right there inside Crosstown Concourse. Please fill out their lodging form a week or so ahead of time so they have all your details and can get it ready for you, and let them know when you’ll be arriving so they can be there to show you to your room. They’ll have staff waiting for you, so if your schedule changes, please update them on your ETA.

If you need more space, we can guide you toward hotels or AirBnBs that have offered us discounted rates.

How do I get there?

The Green Room is located in [the second floor of the east atrium of] Crosstown Concourse, a 1-million-square-foot vertical urban village in the middle of Memphis. Google will get you here, but then what?

Here’s a map of the campus. You can either pull up to the temporary parking by the front door of the central atrium or follow the yellow arrows around (and through!) the building to the back loading dock (best if you’re going to be a while). Crosstown Arts’ Residency Team may have more current/specific details about how to load in and where to meet them, so text them when you arrive and defer to their guidance. For overnight (and anytime) parking, most of the onsite garage is free (just not the first couple rows of 2-hour spaces) and patrolled 24 hours. If you need anything while you’re there, Crosstown Arts’ music programming manager, Jenny Davis, is frequently on-site and can be reached at 901.507.8015. I’m also usually just a couple blocks away.

When do I go on?

Generally our shows have 4:30pm load-in, 5:30pm sound check, 7pm doors, and 7:30 start time (all times Central). We’ll do an intro about the series before things get rolling; you can be onstage for that or make an entrance.

We typically suggest the show being two 45-minuteish sets with a drinking/merch-buying break in the middle, but the flow is ultimately up to you.

What do I need to bring?

Just you and your gear. The Green Room is a beautifully equipped performance space with a full backline. If you need anything that you don’t see listed, let us know.

What do I eat?

There are multiple dining options inside Crosstown Concourse. We will email an electronic voucher you can use at any restaurant or business in the building. We’ll have snacks and a couple drink tickets in the Green Room green room, too.

What/How/When do I get paid?

The ticket price is set for each show depending on your exposure in the market and expected draw, but will never be lower than $20. Like I said, 100% of sales go right to you. Any cash payments will be handed over immediately following the show and we can either write a check on-site or send a Zelle transfer shortly thereafter.

Can I sell stuff?

Of course! We’ll have a merch area available with a table, lamp, and electrical outlet. If you need help staffing it, please let us know at least two weeks out so we can find someone.

Do I, um, have to hang out?

The amount of time you choose to mingle with me or the guests is totally up to you.

Would you please accept a copy of my latest CD in thanks for hosting?

Yes, of course, that’s so nice of you.

Can I come back and play again?

We love you. We think you’re amazing. That’s why we booked you in the first place. But with our limited show schedule, we restrict repeat artists to three per year, on a first-come, first-serve basis. You are part of the Folk All Y’all family and always welcome to stay at the house when you come through, though, and if we can’t book you, we’ll help you line up another local gig as best we can.

Can I ask you something else?

Whatever you’d like. Email info@folkallyall.com if you have any other questions, and my phone number should be in your advance info.