Y’all! You guys! They’re coming back! Freddy & Francine are coming back!

We had a truly wonderful night with Lee and Bianca wayyyyy back in the hazy hopeful days of February 2016. They’ve been keeping themselves awfully busy since then, killin’ it at festivals and releasing their third LP and second EP. It’s been fun as heck to follow along from a distance, but I’m thrilled that they’re coming back this way so we can enjoy all that awesomeness in person.¬†Anyone who got to take in their stunning harmonies, stirring songwriting, and dynamic chemistry last time will surely be first in line to be here again, as will all the people they told about that fantastic show, so make sure to save your spot early so you don’t miss out.


The kids will be coming by for a listening room performance on Sunday, November 26th with doors opening at 7pm and music starting at 7:30. 

Where we’ll be:
Folk All Y’all Listening Room at DCA
431 S. Main St. #302
Downtown Memphis

Buy tickets now!


A not-great-quality but super-fun video of one of my favorite F&F songs …

If you don’t get motion sickness easily, check out this tripod-less, inexplicably windy video from our first show with Freddy & Francine, featuring Lee’s John Prine impression…