Folk All Y’all is, in many ways, a trust exercise. I trust musicians to get here, give their all, and pretend they don’t mind my dog. They trust me to provide a welcoming space, listening ears, and dinner free of their major allergens. We both trust the audience to show up, pay attention, and respect my draconian smartphone rules. That trust also extends to my homies, the hard-working booking agents. I get a lot of inquiries about booking shows and have to find new and creative ways to sensitively turn them down, since I’m usually busy setting things up with artists I already know. But once in awhile, a request breaks through and I’m helpless to resist.

This is Freddy & Francine. Neither is named Freddy nor Francine.
That’s Freddy & Francine. Their names are neither Freddy nor Francine.

Such was the case when the agent representing our new buddy Justin Farren contacted me about another West Coast act heading to Memphis, the powerhouse duo of Freddy & Francine. I planned to flip through a few of their YouTube videos per usual, but I got sucked in by the first one and had to listen all the way through. You know how I am about lyrics, so of course I was paying attention to how well it was written, but I was also just dumbstruck by their voices. Those kids can wail, y’all. They’re bluesy, they’re folky, they’re just their own damn thing. And they’re swinging down this way after the Folk Alliance conference, so let’s show them how we folk things up around here.


This is a privately hosted event, so please email to request an invitation.

The suggested (minimum!) donation for this event is $20, all of which will go directly to the artists. It’s a party, so delicious food, adult beverages, and copacetic company will be provided to our guests. To make a donation to these wayfaring artists*, click here.


*Please keep in mind that if you donate in advance or at the event, your donation is non-refundable. It is not a ticket. It is a freewill offering and not a direct exchange for goods or services. All event donations go directly to the artist immediately after their appearances, whether you’re there or not.


One Thought on “Freddy & Francine: 2.25.16”

  • Freddie and Francine wowed our community a year ago, and when they returned this last week, they were met with 150 guests crowded into our little club (with standing room), and the and rave reviews continue.

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