20150620_193147As the labor of love of a former booking agent, Folk All Y’all gives 100% of money donated for each show to the artists performing to help them cover gas, food, motels, truck stop showers, et cetera. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have expenses of our own. These are all private events, and like at any party, it sure helps if other folks bring a little something to share.


Despite our liberal use of The Royal We, Folk All Y’all is produced, presented, paid for, and put on by one person. Our costs include beverages, maintaining and improving our equipment, handling artist expenses, and any membership and legal fees that come up.



If you’d like to help out, here’s your big chance:


We try to keep our expenses to the bare minimum, but we also have an Amazon Wish List that has some of the items that would boost our experience even more.


Thanks, y’all!