During the day and occasional weekends, I work in marketing, and one of the most important things I’ve learned in that field – which goes against my every instinct – is that repetition gets results. I want to believe people will click on that amazing thing the first time they see it, but the truth is, sometimes it takes seeing it 3 or 7 or 26 times before we take action.

Luckily Hadley Kennary understands this, and so when she got little more than a distracted “try later” reply from me after her initial booking request, she actually did just that. And then she did it again, after which I finally had a free moment to listen to her stuff and realize she’s fan-friggin-tastic and immediately beg her to come play Memphis. Because she’s not only a shockingly well organized self-employed musician, she’s also a gorgeously rich vocalist and sharp, insightful lyricist. She’s just a few years out of Berklee College of Music but has the harmonic and emotional range of a lifelong road warrior, and now that she’s based in Nashville, I have a feeling we’ll all be hearing much more of her (and hers) very soon.


Hadley will be coming by on Saturday, January 27th, with doors at 7pm and music starting at 7:30. All tickets are $20 and general admission – go ahead and get them now. This will be our first event at 11 W. Huling in Downtown Memphis, so come help us enjoy the first of many listening room shows at this great new location.