I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Memphis is back, y’all. We’re reclaiming, revitalizing, and reinventing the city of good abode as a haven for innovation and culture. And just like in days of yore, folks are coming from all over to revel in the spirit of Memphis and let its unique mojo seep into their own art, which is a huge win/win for everyone involved. So when I saw that Austin’s Jackie Venson was in town to record with Boo Mitchell at Royal Studios (thanks, JP!), I jumped to bring her over to the house before her inevitable famesplosion.


I could try to sum up the incredible talent of this singer-songwriter-shredder, but her copious amounts of international press might do it more efficiently. If you join us for this show, Jackie’s “delicate, yet mesmerizing voice and the ease with which her fingers find all the right notes along her guitar’s neck will have your head in the clouds” (Vibe) and “you will see a deeply passionate singer and guitar player who truly feels every word she sings and every note she plays” (Baeble). “Just watch Jackie’s fingers on her guitar and marvel at the speed and sound that she turns into musical magic,” (Punchland) because “there are many other musicians out there who have toiled for decades and still don’t have half the musical smarts of this 25 year old” (Australian Musician).



We’re changing things up! We’ve moved out of the house and are now hosting events in intimate spaces around Memphis. That means we’re selling tickets and, hey! You’ll also know where we’ll be in advance!



Tuesday, October 24th

Folk All Y’all Listening Room at DCA
431 S. Main St.

Doors at 7pm. Music at 7:30pm.
For real. We’ll get you home by 10. 

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