… where I woke up from my dream.”

– “Drift,” by David Wilcox, from Blaze

dw6The first Folk All Y’All show was truly more than I could have hoped for, in so many ways. For starters, the old saw about having twenty percent of guests not show up was completely disproved – not only did everyone on the RSVP list show up, but a couple even brought a buddy or two. We all came together even more than planned as 80 people cozied up close to spend an evening with David Wilcox.

The show itself had a loveliness and grace it’s hard to express. Most of our guests had been fans for decades yet had never had a chance to see David live, so their connection to his older material was so overwhelming that sometimes he’d be visibly struck by the response. When he performed newer songs like “It’ll Work on You” and “Drift” from the latest album, Blaze, the audience was reverent, taking in the words that were less familiar but still as powerful as the polished favorites.

Digital media don’t quite do the evening justice, but you can take a look at the photos and videos on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter @FolkAllYall. Both spots will also let you know about future events.

Speaking of, based on the response and the waiting list that was still growing up until the party started, we’re already working on bringing David back to Memphis in the spring. We’re also hoping to have the opportunity to bring you more amazing music. We don’t so much seek out shows as work really hard to make them happen when the time is right, so you just never know who might come by next.

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If this happened to be your first exposure to David Wilcox, or you’re a die-hard Wilcoxswain who realized you’ve missed a few records along the way, you can catch up below …