As the labor of love of a former booking agent, Folk All Y’all gives 100% of ticket or donation revenue for each show to the artists performing to help them cover gas, food, motels, truck stop showers, et cetera. Above all else, we’re here to help musicians make a living, but in a near-tie for first priority is making sure our guests have amazing experiences.

Since 2014, we’ve been hosting stunningly talented singer-songwriters who, in most cases, would not have taken the chance to play Memphis, because as you might imagine, it can be exceptionally difficult to share thoughtful, literary, innovative work to a bunch of strangers in a noisy room. We give them an alternative – a respectful, appreciative community – and the response from both artists and audiences has been overwhelmingly positive.

If you’d like to help support what we do AND get access to exclusive show extras and swag, good news! You can do that by becoming a patron. Starting at just $2 per show, you can get more from each show plus help them happen in the first place.

(If that’s too much of a commitment, you can also make a one-time donation toward our operations.)


Melissa Anderson-Sweazy

Mollie Baker

Eric Barnes

Billsville House Concerts

Don Bowsher

Kelly Buckles

Andy Cates

John Chambliss

Nancy Chase

Stephanie & Chip Chockley

Cindy Cogbill

Jes Crownover

Justin Deere

Ted Dorsey

Doug, Kristen and Henry Duncan

Tiffany Ford

Andrew Frye

Abbie Gordon

Cara Greenstein

Jay Healy

Jeffrey Heath

Chris Herrington

A C Isham

Sue Jewell

Christiana Leibovich

Morgan McAndrews

Margot McNeeley & Gary Backaus

Courtney Miller Santo

Sarah Morgan

David Olds

Lauren Owens Temiyakarn

Mary Petrinjak

Robby Reeves

David Richardson

Bill Robertson

Heather Robertson

Tom Roehm

Brett Roler

Ronny & Susan Russell

Martha Saab

Sara Studdard

Meghan Stuthard

Wendy Sumner-Winter

Hélène Tournu

Darla Trent Mancini

Miriam van Mersbergen

Thomas Whitehead

Kyle Wild

Jessica Wilson

And extra thanks to our friends, sponsors, and supporters …

 Crosstown Arts Concero Resources Studio688
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