Gmail - FW: photo help?Most of you probably heard of Rebecca Loebe for the first time when she melted faces with her cover of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” for her blind audition on The Voice, but that wasn’t actually my first introduction to her. When I saw Becca’s name scroll across the screen, my first reaction was, “Hey! That’s Raina’s friend!” And then 90 seconds later, I proceeded to scoop my melted face off the floor. Because I knew she was good, but damn, there’s nothing quite like seeing someone bring the genuine article right smack in the middle of 378 tepid Whitney Houston covers.

As the years have passed since that appearance, I’ve happily kept tabs on Becca, seeing her criss-cross this great country and a bunch of others, often with buddies of mine. Her music is, quite simply, delightful. It’s built on the combination of her gorgeous voice and songwriting that dances from wry and sharp to gentle and open, sometimes all in the same phrase. Her road journal reveals a giving (circus) heart that bounces around every song she sings, whether hers or Radiohead’s.

Also: do you want to talk to Becca about something? I bet she’ll talk to you about it. Because she is, by all accounts, the sweetest.