You know when someone calls you at the exact moment you’re thinking of him/her? That’s basically how Rissi Palmer came to be our August guest. Believe it or not, 2016 is almost entirely booked up (more show news coming soon, btw), but I had this space in the middle just waiting for someone special. I’d come across Rissi’s work and filed her in my “oh, yes, let’s hear that!” folder, but hadn’t actually gotten around to reaching out to her. Luckily for all of us, she’s more put-together than I am and reached out first.


Rissi describes her work as “Southern soul,” which is as deceptively simple as each of those words on its own. Pulling influences from country to jazz to folk to rock to pop, Rissi’s sound is a rich combination of cultures and perspectives. After releasing her debut album in 2008, she was featured in Ebony, Rolling Stone andThe Wall Street Journal and performing from the White House to the Grand Ole Opry. Her debut single, “Country Girl,” topped Billboard’s Country chart. Since that whirlwind beginning, Rissi has left Nashville and re-centered in North Carolina, writing and performing the songs that reflect her constant evolution.


Rissi’s latest release, Back Porch Sessions, is all about loving where you’re from and who you’re with. If we’re lucky, we’ll get August night pleasant enough to celebrate those on the back porch together.




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