If you’re not currently feeling like life is pretty glorious and everything’s going to work out okay, then I suggest going over to your favorite music store (or mine) and listening to Teneia until you get your head right. Because I defy you to hear their post-modern-retro mix of folk-soul-blues-pop (po-mo-tro fo-so-blu-po?) without getting a smile on your face.


That’s Teneia. (Or to their moms, Teneia and Ben.)

This wife-and-husband duo is theoretically based out of Jackson, Mississippi, but they’ve spent most of the last year traveling the country in their big ol’ trailer, playing powerful songs, and spreading their message of love and equality. I’m honored that they chose us as their Memphis stop on this important mission.




This show will be Saturday, March 25th, with doors opening at 7:00 and music starting PROMPTLY at 7:30. This is a privately hosted event, so please email rsvp@folkallyall.com to request an invitation and get location details.


The suggested (minimum!) donation for this event is $20, all of which will go directly to the artist. It’s a party, so delicious food, adult beverages, and copacetic company will be provided. To make a donation*, go here


*Please keep in mind that if you donate in advance or at the event, your donation is non-refundable. It is not a ticket. It is a freewill offering and not a direct exchange for goods or services. All event donations go directly to the artist immediately after their appearances, whether you’re there or not.