You’re going to miss me after I hit the big time 

you won’t see me around here no more 

you’re going to miss me after I hit the big time 

I’m going to go get brand-new famous friends

– Bobby Bare Jr., “Big Time”


Bobby Bare Jr. is not normal. And I mean that in the best way.


He has an unusual background and a quirky foreground. So it seems only fitting that he would headline our most atypical show to date. This month’s event was a fundraiser for a very special foundation – Hands of Mothers, which provides paths out of poverty for women ravaged by war and disease in Rwanda. We went off-site for this event, trying a new, bigger set-up, offering non-musical merchandise for sale, and welcoming a wide range of guests. To be honest, I had no idea how it was going to go, but luckily, life doesn’t actually depend on me knowing everything in advance.


Our venue for the evening, a converted warehouse-turned-office, turned out beautifully and worked perfectly for our crowd. Susan Moinester gave a moving introduction to the work of Hands of Mothers (and an endearing introduction to Bobby Brown … er, Bare Jr.). Bobby was generous enough to donate his time and talent, redirecting all show donations to the charity, and putting on a rip-roarer of a show. He chose to go totally acoustic, leaving the PA system unplugged and giving himself the freedom to wander, barefoot, throughout the space. He was so charming and fun that we didn’t even mind his love song to Nashville (which was nicely counterbalanced by the excoriation of Chattanooga that the world’s been waiting for).


And best of all, we raised a LOT of money that will go toward helping women living with HIV/AIDS in Rwanda purchase land for their thriving organic market garden. I can’t overstate the impact that this funding will provide, and it was an honor to be part of this effort. And good news – whether or not you were at the show, you can donate toward this and other life-changing projects.


But enough of the serious stuff, let’s make fun of celebrities and people trying to look like them! (Language. Sorry.)

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