If Home Is Somewhere Here, But Also Everywhere

“If home is somewhere here

But also everywhere

Then I can rest my head and heart

On something in the air”

     – Paul “Snowflake” Tayl

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Teneia: 3.25.17

If you’re not currently feeling like life is pretty glorious and everything’s going to work out okay, then I suggest going over to your favorite mus

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Daniel Champagne: 4.13.17

I get a lot of questions about how I choose artists to perform. There’s a pretty even mix of hunting and gathering going on, with me actively seeking

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Standing On Our Shoulders, Reaching For The Sun

Mothers and fathers

Ancestors of this earth

Bring us strength and wisdom

Teach your children what they’re worth

Armed with truth a

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David Wilcox: 1.17-18.17

No, that show date isn’t a typo or failed palindrome. For the first time ever, we’re hosting a two-night stand! And holy cats, what a special one it w

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“Forever Barely Starts”

We were never very smart, we were sticking to our guns
We knew we added up babe, we knew we were the ones
Forever barely starts, then suddenly some

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Gillian Grassie: 11.19.16

At the risk of sounding creepy, as well as contradicting my long-standing stance against fate, I sort of feel like Gillian Grassie was just meant to p

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Paul “Snowflake” Taylor: 10.22.16

I hadn’t seen or heard anything like it before. I was sitting in the front row, and the musician in front of me was … what was he doing, exactly? Pl

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Cory Branan: 7.10.16

Well, it was bound to happen sometime.


My music “career,” such as it is, began sometime in 2000 when I saw some kid play the local Grammy

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Happy Folkiversary to Us.

I’d go to that party.

And now if you’ll indulge me, a bit of reminiscing …

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What’s a house concert?



A house concert is a privately hosted musical performance in or around a home as opposed to a public venue (like

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Guest Book

Our audience is built on the trust and experiences of our guests on both sides of the microphone. If you have something to say about a show you atte

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What are y’all doing?

John Moreland, June 2015

Hey, there! Thanks for stopping by. Folk All Y’all is a Memphis-based effort to present and celebrate singer-songwriters from near and far. Whether we’re in a living room, back yard, or front porch, the goal is to be easy and accessible while creating a listening room environment that respects our artists and audiences.


All events are private and by invitation only, so SUBSCRIBE to get on the invite list. We’re just hosting this party, and every dollar donated for an event goes directly to performers.