“Listen If You Care To Know The Way That This Story Goes”

Listen if you care to know

The way that this story goes

Underneath these stars that just refuse

To shine for me

I ain’t got no tim

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Garrison Starr: 10.4.17

When I first got involved in Memphis’ music scene, there were a lot of local songwriters who deserved to be known, but only a few who were clearly for

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And now, an announcement …

As Folk All Y’all has grown in scope and ambition, we’ve determined that being able to provide guests and artists with a more publicly accessible – bu

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Freddy & Francine: 11.29.17

Y’all! You guys! They’re coming back! Freddy & Francine are coming back!


We had a truly wonderful night with Lee and Bianca wayyyyy b

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“Looking Down Never Got Me Anywhere”

“well, I keep my head held up high
cause looking down never got me anywhere
don’t waste your time, worrying about me
cause I’m going to be just

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Jackie Venson: 10.24.17

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Memphis is back, y’all. We’re reclaiming, revitalizing, and reinventing the city of good abode as a haven for inno

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“It’s Going By Just Like A Song”

oh the fog is rolling in
not to cool or to darken
not for any old thing it’s just breathing
oh the fog is rolling in
I s

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Charley Crockett: 9.13.17

Hot dog, y’all! Hot! DOG!


So there I was, minding my own business, checking the lineup for AmericanaFest the minute it was released and s

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Kevin Campbell: 8.12.17

One of the fun things I get to do as a host through Concerts In Your Home is evaluate artists who are auditioning to join this network of house show p

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“Look For A Space Where You Belong”

Isn’t life a mystery
This little ball of mercury
You push it ’round your open palm
Look for a space where you belong
You can’t hold it
No ma

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What’s a house concert?



A house concert is a privately hosted musical performance in or around a home as opposed to a public venue (like

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What are y’all doing?

John Moreland, June 2015

Hey, there! Thanks for stopping by. Folk All Y’all is a Memphis-based effort to present and celebrate singer-songwriters from near and far. We pop up at inspiring locations all over town, from front porches to studio spaces. Wherever we are, the goal is to be easy and accessible while creating a listening room environment that respects our artists and audiences.


Some of our events are public and some are by invitation only, so SUBSCRIBE to get on the invite list and make sure you hear about everything. Each show’s Preview page will let you know how to join us.


We’re just hosting this party, and every ticket sold or dollar donated for an event goes directly to our artists.